How a Personal Trainer Helps Obese Clients Lose Weight

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How a Personal Trainer Helps Obese Clients Lose Weight

The health status of obese people is often inferior. They are more likely to suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems. This can lead to a shorter life expectancy and an increased risk of disability.

These health risks can be reduced with a weight loss program. A personal trainer will help obese people to lose weight by providing them with the right exercise plan. To further explain how a personal trainer helps obese people lose weight, we will look at ways they can help.

How a Personal Trainer Creates a Training Program

Most personal trainers will help obese people to start their weight loss program by having them fill out a health questionnaire. This will give the personal trainer an idea of the client’s current health status and what they can do physically.

From this information, the personal trainer does the following:

  • Create a Plan

When a personal trainer begins working with an obese client, they usually start by taking measurements. They will then use these measurements to create their client’s diet and exercise plan. This is important because it helps them to understand what type of exercise program might be best for their client.

A plan should include the type of exercises that will be performed, how often they will be done, and what equipment is required. The personal trainer will help obese people develop an exercise routine that meets their needs.

  • Make the Client Accountable

Encouraging clients to stick to their exercise routine is a key part of the process. The personal trainer will help obese people to make themselves accountable for their actions and encourage them to follow through on their plans. This is especially important if the trainer knows their client has a busy schedule or lives far away from home. They mustn’t give up on themselves, as it can be easy to do so when they are away from their trainer.

  • Offer Support and Motivation

This is a critical part that a personal trainer should not underestimate. The more motivated people are, the easier it is for them to stick with a workout plan. Personal trainer can offer support and motivation by ensuring their client knows they have their back at all times and that they’ll always be there when they need help.

  • Provide Progress Measurements

Measurements are also important in motivating people to work out. A personal trainer should ensure that their client is measuring progress regularly and using this information to determine whether or not they are progressing toward their goals. 

This can be as simple as checking weight, body fat percentage, and muscle mass measurements; however, it can also be as complex as measuring progress in strength levels, flexibility, and endurance. These measurements motivate the client to continue working out because they will see how their body improves over time.


Through teamwork and encouragement, it is possible to reach the goal of losing weight. With a personal trainer, the goals will likely be reached and maintained over time. The right personal trainer will motivate, push to do more, and provide support. This will give the necessary motivation to keep going and achieve the set goals.

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