ONLY for busy entrepreneurs, solo operators, and C-level executives who need to look like they deserve their wealth…

How “Dubai’s most expensive personal trainer” could help you get shredded, pack muscle on your skinny frame, and end the constant humiliation of your weak, flabby body

You’ll have to work for it, you’ll have to bring the right attitude to fit my gym… and it won’t be “cheap” like the personal trainers hustling social media (who are cheap for a reason)… but with over two decades of experience and thousands of successful whole-body transformations in my clients, I can help even the busiest businessman get the body of his dreams.

If you’ve got the work ethic, if you’re coachable, and you want a muscular, lean, and strong body that looks like it belongs to a wealthy man, I can help you get there.

My name is Amir Siddiqui. For over twenty years I’ve coached CEOs, founders, executives, entrepreneurs and high-level operators. I’ve taken flabby, skinny, weak bodies and helped sculpt them into ripped, muscular, powerful and athletic physiques worthy of a man who built an 8-figure business.

 Since 2010 I’ve trained clients in person from my private facility in Dubai. 

After turning down far too many requests from applicants desperate for my help, I’ve decided to offer online coaching packages for clients who aren’t in the UAE.

But there’s a catch. This isn’t some six-week Instagram challenge available to anyone who wants to “kick the tires”. Not just anyone can join. In fact… 

I am extremely selective about who I allow into my gym and who I allow into my coaching programs.

I work with high-level operators with a proven track record of success. Entrepreneurs, solo operators, C-level executives, and top performers of all stripes. 

Men who understand how to get things done, who bring an unshakeable work ethic, who can follow instructions and be coached. 

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your bank account is heading to the moon but your flabby body looks like it belongs in a 1998 Honda Civic, my job is to help you change that.

I’m good at it, too. On this page you can see a small sample of the life-changing transformations I’ve helped create for my clients over the years.

If you’re one of the few that might qualify, let’s talk about what you can get from me.

Introducing the Fission~Fusion Method

If you’ve tried weight training in the past and got under-whelming results, I’m not surprised. Most personal trainers today are too busy putting their clients through “adult day-care”… using programs and training methods that are popular on social media… that they forget about your results.

I put results first. Everything else is an illusion.

To help my clients get the most out of strength training, to learn how to use free weights most effectively to create real, lasting change in their bodies (and minds), I wanted a method that was backed by human biology and my own hard-earned experiences.

That’s how I created my proprietary Fission~Fusion Method

I’ve combined the latest science with the arts of personal coaching… and my two decades of experience creating physique transformations… to create a “one-two punch” method that strategically targets the core elements of high-level physical performance. 

You won’t just get a great workout. You’ll learn what it really takes to make strength training work for you.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works.

We split your training into two phases, which I call  Fission and Fusion. 

These phases are designed to use your body’s own natural laws and rhythms to stimulate unbeatable gains in muscle and strength while stripping away the excess body fat. 

During the Fission stage, we’ll train with “classical bodybuilding” methods, directly challenging the six major body-parts.

When we move to the Fusion stage, your training will turn to performance, taking your new muscle and putting it to use, so that you become stronger, faster, and more powerful. 

But the real secret of the Fission~Fusion Method lies in the pairing of the two stages. By constantly changing your workouts while focusing on effective and proven training, we keep your body under constant, undeniable pressure to change.

That means more muscle, more strength, and less body fat. That means a physique that you can be proud of.

If you’re allowed to become one of my select clients, I’ll show you…

  • How to look and FEEL as rich as you are.
  • Why you don’t have to starve yourself to look great
  • The true reason you allowed yourself to get fat (and why you believed it)
  • Why your flabby body is holding back your business
  • How your weak, out of shape physique destroys the trust of your employees
  • The little-known trick to fixing your diet… practically melting fat off your body with one tiny adjustment… that’s so obvious you’ll feel like an idiot when you learn it.
  • How to find the hidden time in your schedule to do your workouts even if you’re “too busy” to exercise.
  • Why your busy schedule is NOT the reason you’re overweight.
  • How success in business almost guarantees you’ll win in the gym
  • The mistaken belief about healing that keeps you from getting started
  • Why a lazy body can cost you the respect of peers, your staff, even your romantic partner… (and it’s NOT because of how you look…)
  • How a weak body creates a weak mind (and what that does to your company’s bottom line… frankly you can’t afford to be weak and out of shape.)
  • Why working with “Dubai’s Most Expensive Personal Trainer” might be the best deal you make in your entire career.
  • How a strong, fit, lean, muscular body can accelerate your business growth… attract more leads… close more deals… and help you enjoy what you’ve built without pain or stress.
  • The real reason you feel bad… and feel bad about exercise… and how we can fix it in as little as one session.
  • Why my best clients were not athletes. In fact many of them never set foot in a gym before we started working together.
  • The lie you’ve been told about starving yourself to get in shape (and why diets really don’t work)
  • How to get the body of your dreams even if you’re lazy.
  • Why a rich man’s body can sabotage his dreams
  • My three-step “secret sauce” for getting even the laziest person in the best shape of their life.
  • Popular wisdom says that your diet is more important than your training. The truth is exactly the opposite (and believing it has helped keep you flabby)
  • How to train for maximum effectiveness… I’m talking about powerful muscles sculpting a lean and powerful body that women desire and men envy… without the usual time-wasting nonsense that most trainers pass off as a workout.
  • The popular lie about food that makes most dieters get even fatter (and how we’ll work together to fix it)
  • Why you can’t be an effective leader with a soft, weak body.
  • The “mind control” secret that can turn almost anyone into a committed workout fanatic even if you hate exercise. (You’ll have to force yourself to stay away from the gym once you learn this…)
  • A powerful technique for stripping fat from even the most stubborn flab. You’ll never say “I can’t lose this fat” again.
  • How to stay focused, committed to your training, and even fall in love with the consistent workouts you need to build your body… even if you HATE exercise.
  • Why you don’t need to be in the gym 15 hours a week to have a world-class physique
  • How to have quick, efficient workouts that challenge your body and stimulate intense muscle growth without adding to your busy work schedule.
  • A simple principle that can allow you to work out all you want even if you’re already pulling 12 hour days. This one is so simple that one of my long-term CEO clients called himself an idiot for not seeing it himself.
  • How to get in top condition without wasting your time chained to a treadmill or doing boring workouts like jogging.
  • Why your body is like your “business card” (and why you lose respect if it doesn’t tell everyone you’re really successful)

Let’s stop here for a moment. Does this sound familiar:

“You don’t understand, I’m focused on my business and I don’t have time to stay in shape and eat right.”

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who were busier than you and richer than you, who made the time, and got the body they deserved. 

Don’t come to me with your excuses when men with more money and less time have made it happen.

The truth is that your physical condition broadcasts subconscious messages to the people around you. You don’t need the physique of an Olympic athlete or a professional bodybuilder, but if you have a gut hanging over your pants and a chest that needs a bra, your “business card” might not be creating the results that you want.

That’s why my training and nutrition plans aren’t just about your body. They’re about your mind and, yes, your success with wealth and business. For example, we’ll dive into things like:

  • You’ve proven that you can build a business and earn a life-changing income. Why can’t you prove it with your body?
  • How you can have a fit, lean, strong body that looks like it belongs to a rich man even if you’ve never exercised a day in your life and hate the idea of touching a weight.
  • How you can stop living the daily humiliation of a flabby, weak, bloated physique and have the strong, ripped, athletic body that a rich man deserves.
  • How to look and feel the way a wealthy man should look.

What's Inside?

After my team vets you, successful applicants will receive:

  • A 60-min weekly check-in via Zoom to address any of your problems or questions and monitor your progress with a real person
  • A bespoke training routine, hand-created for your unique background and situation — including weight training, cardio, and recovery — built directly from my Fission~Fusion Method.
  • A customized nutrition plan designed to fit your circumstances and specific goals 
  • Daily check-ins with the team to keep you on target with your training and nutrition while monitoring your progress to keep you moving forward
  • Access to our exclusive in-house mobile app designed from the ground up to help you win. 
  • Includes 24/7 support from us through our mobile app
  • And you’ll also have direct access to Amir through in-app messaging

Before we see if you’re right for my services, we need to talk about one important detail.

There’s one good reason I’m known as “Dubai’s Most Expensive Personal Trainer”

It’s true.

My most expensive packages are not even available to the general public. I routinely charge at the upper end of five figures for my top-tier clients who need total physique transformations in limited time, with no room for error. 

The good news is I’m able to offer online coaching for a fraction of the frankly breathtaking fees that I charge to work with me in person in my private facility.

I want you to know this up front because, if you’re worried about my fees, you’re in the wrong place. Candidly I doubt that you have the work ethic to get results from any coaching if the price is the main thing on your mind. 

My most successful clients understand the true value of their health and fitness. They know that no amount of money can buy back ruined health… or the shame and loss of respect that comes with an out of shape body.  


In one year from now, you’ll be a year older no matter what you do. You can arrive there in top condition, with the body of your dreams that men respect and women admire, looking like you deserve your wealth and success…

… or you can keep doing what you’ve always done, keep eating junk food and avoiding the gym, keep your body exactly how it is today… and keep getting the same results in the other parts of your life.

Your choice. 

I work exclusively with serious, committed, high-level operators willing to put in the work to change. Men who have built 7- and 8-figure businesses. Men who know what it means to work for a result. 

Most people reading this will not make the cut. That’s a statistical reality. They don’t have the work ethic or the desire to change. 

If you think you do qualify, here’s what to do next.