If you’re a top CEO, entrepreneur, C-suite executive, or busy solo operator, you want to…

Be The Best At Everything You Do

You wouldn’t show up to an investor meeting in sandals and a stained t-shirt. So why are you showing up with a flabby gut hanging over your tailored Italian pants? 
This 20-year veteran coach called “Dubai’s Most Expensive Personal Trainer” can help you look and feel like the successful man that you are.

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You’re winning in business… … so why does your body say that you came from the bargain bin at the dollar store?

Welcome to Fission Fusion Fitness

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you find that your physique and health don’t back up your bank balance. 

You may be successful, watching your wealth explode, buying the cars and houses of your dreams, but if your body doesn’t look the part, everyone knows it. Everyone

Your friends and family might be too polite to say it, but your investors, your  competitors, your employees… and the women in your life… all notice. 

Be honest with yourself. You know it, too. 

If you’re a high-level operator crushing it in business, you expect success in everything. But winning in business doesn’t guarantee a body that suits a man of high status.

My name is Amir Siddiqui, owner of Fission Fusion Fitness, Dubai’s premier gym for life-changing personal transformations. 

I help entrepreneurs, executives, founders, CEOs, and other top performers at the highest level get the body that matches their financial success. 

I’ve been called “Dubai’s most expensive personal trainer”, which is true, but it’s not all about my considerable fees. For the last two decades I’ve helped thousands of successful men… from time-crunched CEOs and C-suite execs to solo operators running 8-figure enterprises… get their bodies in peak condition, look and feel as successful as they are, and attract the respect they deserve. 

Why do you, a successful man who has proven his skill and determination, need to work with a coach to get into top physical condition?

Successful operators at the highest levels of business understand the true value of time and know what it means to invest yourself into a goal. 

Being good at one thing does not make you good at everything. The CEO of McDonald’s isn’t taking orders for hamburgers at the drive-through. You’re good at what you do… and part of what you do is delegating to specialists with domain knowledge. 

Whether you’re in the corner office of a Fortune 500 company or running your own operation built from zero, I want to help you look, feel, and act like a man, complete with a body that looks like it belongs to a successful leader.

I’ve worked with clients like you for over twenty years. I bring the skill, the expertise, the experience, and the art of training and nutrition that you’re missing. 

Along the way I’ve created a unique system for total body transformations, based on my years of personal research and client results, which almost guarantees that you can attain a body that fits a man of your position. 

Introducing the Fission~Fusion Method

Most workout programs are designed to get you in and out of the gym as quickly as possible. This isn’t a bad thing, but speed comes with a hidden cost. 

Most personal trainers are happy to put their clients through trendy “fitness classes” and “cross training” workouts. You’ll sweat, you’ll breath hard, you’ll feel tired, you’ll get excited and believe you’re finally making changes… and six months later you’ll look the same as you do right now. 

I created the Fission~Fusion Method to give every client the most effective possible workout. You’ll train efficiently, getting the most out of each hour in the gym. I hate wasting time more than you do.

But the bottom line? 

Your results. 

You’ll work for it, you’ll sweat for it, and you’ll see the changes in your body week over week as you experience for yourself the power of intelligent and effective strength training. 

My fees are some of the highest in Dubai

I don’t say this to brag. You should know why I command the fees that I do. 

The busy top performers who’ve earned the privilege of becoming one of my clients know the value of their time. 

They don’t want another list of chores to think about. They definitely aren’t looking for a babysitter or a status symbol to make their friends jealous. 

High level performers want the result, and they want it as efficiently and quickly as possible. The run-around, nonsense, and empty tough-talk that most personal trainers bring to the table won’t cut it.

If you want that great body, fast, without more headaches, that doesn’t come cheap. Ask yourself if you’d want the cheapest option for your airplane mechanic, plastic surgeon, or legal counsel. 

When your health and even your life are at stake, the price is simply not a priority. 

You will train, and you will train hard. If you expect “adult childcare” you’re in the wrong place. 

For the level of service we offer, the kind of results I deliver, and the potential impact on your body, your social life… even the finances of some of my clients…  my fees should be the last thing on your mind.

You will get the body you want… if you work for it. 

Amir Siddiqui - fission fusion owner
Fission-Fusion Fitness is the preeminent gym for physique transformations in men operating at the highest level.

You’re willing to work, to pay the price for success. You expect the results in return. 

That’s admirable. I built this gym because it’s my mission to help successful men like you achieve success in all parts of your life. I take your results seriously, and I’ll see to it that you achieve your goals. 

Understand that you’re getting more than a few pounds of muscle and six-pack abs. 

You’re gaining confidence. A strong and fit body makes you bullet-proof against stress in your mind as well as your body. You’ll have respect from men and, yes, admiration from women. 

A year from now, you’ll be one year older. No amount of money can change that. 

You have a choice. 

You can keep going the way you’re already going,  doing what you’ve always done… which means that a year from now, you’ll look and feel like you do right now, only a year older. 

Or… you can commit to being the best at everything in your life… and a year from now, you’ll have the muscle, the low body fat, and the confidence of knowing that you’re always improving.  

What does the next year look like for you? It’s your call.

Amir Siddiqui - fission fusion owner


We are the only fitness studio in the Middle East with our own program design method – Fission~Fusion Method. 

To learn what each plan offers just click on the one that interests you below.


➤ Individualized program design by Amir Siddiqui
➤ Program upgrades every 12 to 16 weeks***
➤ Rich and Fit Proprietary Diet Template
➤ Team of 2-3 junior coaches who train you on a session-to-session rotation
➤ Proactive Client Progression tracked via Monthly Fitness Assessments
➤ Access to 2 private WhatsApp groups with your coaches and all the members of RFTP


➤ Individualized program designed by Amir Siddiqui
➤ Program upgrades every 12 to 16 weeks
➤ Diet program consultation and design
➤ Team of 2-3 senior coaches who train you on a session-to-session rotation
➤ Proactive Client Progression tracked via Monthly Fitness Assessments
➤ Access to 2 private WhatsApp groups with your coaches and all the members of RFTP
➤ Our coaching service, our customer service and your results come with a money back guarantee of absolute satisfaction.


➤ Individualized 1 hour assessment with Amir Siddiqui
➤ Customized program design by Amir Siddiqui
➤ Diet program consultation and design by Amir Siddiqui
➤ Program upgrades every 8 to 16 weeks***
➤ Proactive Client Progression tracked via Monthly Fitness Assessments**
➤ Train with Dubai’s most exclusive Personal Trainer 1-on-1**
➤ Access to Amir Siddiqui on daily basis via WhatsApp
➤ Access to our members’ only RFTP group on WhatsApp
➤ Our coaching service, our customer service, and your results come with a money back guarantee of absolute satisfaction.

Take the first step toward a body that’s worthy of a successful man.

My private, one-on-one online coaching is only available a few times a year, and only for an extremely limited number of clients. 

When those opportunities open, spaces go to the serious individuals who apply in advance. If you want my team to consider you for a future coaching spot, you can use this button need to apply:


You’ve tried other programs and trainers, but they never deliver – especially not results that stick. At Fission Fusion we’ll help you apply your success mindset to transforming your physique, and fully exceed your expectations. Stop getting held back by:

  • low energy
  • feeling old
  • stubborn body fat
  • muscular weakness
  • low self-esteem
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