Liposuction versus Exercise: Which is better?

I understand why people are so interested in liposuction. The promise of a fast and effortless removal of fat is almost too tempting to pass over.
But whenever the promises are TOO GOOD – you should be suspicious.
Nothing in biology is free, and there is no free lunch in life.

First of all, does liposuction actually WORK?
The short answer is yes, for some. Not for everyone. Unlike exercise and diet – which works for EVERYONE. Liposuction is a medical procedure and must be taken seriously. We are NOT MEANT to simply “cut or melt off” (or liquify) our body tissues through tools and chemicals. If you simply think about it – serious medical procedures should ALWAYS be a LAST RESORT. But it seems like liposuction has become the “easy way out” for too many people. Mostly because cosmetic surgeons promote the upsides but not the downsides.

Why Liposuction?

Liposuction is the second most sought after and performed cosmetic surgery in Dubai. This is no surprise because as a society the Middle East suffers from extremely high rates of obesity and overweight. That and a lack of physical activity due to the re-engineering of society to be movement-free combined with easy availability of high-calorie foods and nearly no walking due to the heat and you can imagine an explosion in the urgency to get the fat off.

Who is Liposuction for In Dubai?

Remember, these are my personal assessments after 20 years of experience in helping people lose fat and keep it off.

1 – Liposuction is only useful as a “finishing touches” procedure. For people who do not exercises on a regular basis – you are not going to be happy with liposuction because you will only expose the lack of aesthetic structure UNDERNEATH the fat. If you do not exercise then liposuction is like someone who has never worked out and eats too much – taking their clothes off on the beach. Not a beautiful sight.
Youre just going to openly expose an embarrassing physique underneath.

2 – Secondly, liposuction should only be used for someone who has around 5 to 10kg or LESS of fat to lose and who. Any more than that and you are going to regret it.
Because of the risks involved with liposuction on metabolism and immune health.
Yes, even the risk of death – which is exponentially higher than the risk of dying from exercise.
Each kg of fat over 5kg is RISKY to your health.
What your doctor isn’t telling you – because they don’t know – is that fat tissue is not useless.
It is not inert and passive; it doesn’t just sit there.
It serves a role and function in and of itself.

The Big Downside of Lipo
If youre reading this blog because you are sick and tired of the fat around your waist, love handles, and your butt/thigh area – then the most important thing to consider is that the fat you have is ALSO giving you some “Shape” or contour. Removing the fat and having no muscle tone underneath will only make you look WORSE when you are naked. Because you will be exposing body parts that are out of shape.

This is the biggest complaint about liposuction; contouring mishaps. The “shape” that comes out just doesn’t look ‘right’. Which is why less than 50% of people who do opt for liposuction are satisfied.
For the amount of money and risk to health – is a 50% chance of satisfaction worth it?

What’s the verdict?

Liposuction has real life-threatening risks; 10-15% of people die from it. Exercise doesn’t. Liposuction satisfaction is less than 50%.
Exercise is 100% – otherwise you can just stop doing it.
Liposuction only works if you are already working out.
If you workout and eat using a result producing system – like at Fission Fusion Fitness – you won’t even need liposuction.
Liposuction removes fat but doesn’t build any of the body parts that people will find attractive.
Exercise BUILDS the body parts that attract the people you want to attract.

If you can’t control your diet after liposuction – your body will get fatter in all the OTHER places from where you did NOT get fat removed. This will make you look like physically disfigured and uneven lump of protruding mass. Ive seen this with my own eyes.

Remember – as I said above – there is no quick-fix without extreme risk.

The quicker the fix – the more serious the side effects and the higher the biological price you will pay.

Exercise is all benefit – and none of the risk.

You know what you need to do.

I leave that for you to decide.

— Amir S.