Leave Lower Back Pain behind with a Personal Trainer’s Help

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Leave Lower Back Pain behind with a Personal Trainer’s Help

Is your lower back pain still chronic even after new furniture, a visit to your chiropractor, or even a few sessions with a massage therapist? It’s time to consider the assistance of a personal trainer.

These specialists can assist you in more ways than just slimming down. They are there to help you achieve any fitness ambitions, from improving your overall health to reaching peak physical performance. 

Why Them over a Physical Therapist (PT)?

The main difference between a PT and a trainer is that the former focuses on treating existing injuries or pain. 

In contrast, the latter focuses on strengthening and improving overall physical fitness. They are experts in diagnosing and treating injuries, whereas trainers are experts in helping people achieve their fitness goals. 

PTs typically use more passive treatments such as massage, stretching, and electrical stimulation, whereas trainers use more active treatments that focus on building strength and endurance. 

Physical therapists are best for short-term relief of pain and injury; trainers are best for long-term maintenance and improvement of health and fitness.

Why a Personal Trainer Instead of a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor specializes in using adjustments and manipulation to improve the alignment of joints and muscles in the body to reduce pain and other symptoms. These adjustments can provide short-term relief, but they do not provide long-term solutions.

Chiropractors can be thought of like a plaster. They can help temporarily relieve back pain, but to see a lasting effect, you must focus on strengthening your back muscles, as suggested. Even better, you can work with the guidance of a trainer, therapist, and chiropractor to address stiff muscles and joints holistically! But don’t move forward without the presence of your trainer.

The Benefits of a Trainer

A trainer can be beneficial if you want to reach your fitness goals. They can serve as a support system, motivating and encouraging you to keep going. Also, trainers can provide individualized feedback and guidance to help you reach your goals promptly. 

Additionally, they can provide accountability, ensuring you stay on track with your goals. Such scope doesn’t just cover actual weight loss goals but even physical recovery! If you’ve suffered from a strained lumbar due to overtraining or bad form, your trainer can recommend alternative exercises to maintain muscle form sustainably while minimizing injury. For instance, to treat an injury due to overloaded dumbbells or barbells, your trainer may suggest switching to bodyweight exercises such as pushup variations to lessen your load and build muscle.

They also provide guidance. Doing your physical activity to address a problem can be intimidating. The web is full of free exercise and stretching programs that you can get, but not all of them are the most reliable sources. Having an experienced trainer who can view your entire body from all angles, offer advice on how to improve your technique, and tailor your exercises to meet your objectives quickly and successfully.

The Final Goal

Treating lower back pain successfully means returning the region to proper functionality. The discomfort shouldn’t just stop; it should no longer be present when doing daily activities such as sitting, standing, or working out. A trainer can do that and much more if you consult with them at the onset.

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