The Road to Fitness: 9 Helpful Tips to Make Exercise a Habit

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The Road to Fitness: 9 Helpful Tips to Make Exercise a Habit

Good habits are the foundation of a successful and fulfilling life. They’re the small actions we consistently take daily that eventually become a part of our daily lives that can benefit our physical health. These best practices also help us achieve our goals, maintain discipline and focus, and improve our overall quality of life.

Besides eating the right food, getting enough rest, staying hydrated, and managing stress healthily, you can maintain a healthy body by exercising regularly. However, like other things, you must be consistent to see the results, and making it a habit can be tricky for some. Therefore, you should see the best help from a professional personal trainer. 

If you’re serious about seeing the best results in your fitness regime, this article will enumerate some helpful tips to help you exercise regularly.

1. Start Small

Starting an exercise routine with too much enthusiasm can lead to burnout and quitting. It can also heighten your risk of injury, further hindering your fitness journey. Therefore, you must begin slowly and only do 20 minutes of moderate exercise. Also, working out for ten to 15 minutes is okay if you’ve recently started. After all, your goal is to slowly get your body accustomed to daily exercise and form a habit.

2. Set a Time

Whether during the daytime or nighttime, you must choose a specific time when you’re most likely to exercise alone or with a personal trainer consistently. 

For instance, if you like working out at 5:30 a.m., set the time and stick to that schedule. If you don’t have a set time, you’ll keep delaying your workout until you have more energy or time, leading to skipping workouts altogether. Eventually, making exercise a habit will be challenging. 

3. Create a Note to Self 

Whether via email or text, you have various ways to remind yourself to ensure you don’t forget essential things. Once you receive that reminder, don’t procrastinate and take action immediately.

4. Lay Out Your Essentials

You’re more likely to succeed if you start a new habit without hindrances or difficulty. If you should wake up early and gather all the necessary equipment while half asleep, it may discourage you from sticking to your routine. Instead, if you prepare beforehand by laying out your essentials like workout clothes and shoes, you can eliminate obstacles and start your exercise routine without difficulties.

5. Make It Fun

If you associate a habit with enjoyment, you’ll look forward to doing it, and you can help build the practice by focusing on pleasure in the beginning stages. You can also create a more positive experience by enjoying the scenery, fresh air, and solitude while listening to music. 

6. Add Variety

Mixing up your exercise routine can prevent plateaus, provide a full-body workout, and reduce boredom. It also helps prevent injuries, improve mental health, and improve overall fitness.

7. Go Outside

Sometimes an effective way to get fit is to wear your favorite running shoes and step outside. Don’t overthink about the distance or the difficulty level. Once you start moving, it becomes effortless. It also allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty and the fresh air. 

8. Progress Later

Once your body has adapted to regular exercise, slowly boost the amount and intensity of your workouts. Allow at least two weeks to adjust before making changes. Increase duration first, then intensity. Never increase both distance and power simultaneously.

9. Have a Rest Day

Recovery is essential, so you must have one day of rest where you don’t do the same exercises as the other six days. Also, don’t skip the day entirely, so try doing different activities like walking, strength training, or meditation.


Regularly exercising can be tricky, especially for beginners or those who are readily eager about their fitness journey. You can achieve your body goals and avoid disappointment by starting slow and small, creating a positive experience, and working with a professional personal trainer. 

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